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Another Skip Week: Dude, where's my Chair?

Cuz that's life, baby. The weather has cooled, but I have stuff to do, like get some hot rod designs out. And I'm even skipping SDCC 2011. :/ It being 10pm here as I type, I'm not keen on hastily shooting something, converting the files, editing them, and lettering them. Oh, and writing them on the fly, though they eventually come out funny. ;) Better, well told comics need their time!
Shooting dolls means collecting lots of Barbie (action figure) sized stuff--clothes, furniture, props, accessories, you name it. I think of a gag situation and then I have to dig through all my storage boxes for any bit of clothing/props I think are really going to contribute to the Look that makes the gag. It's funny, because shooting stuff means really thinking like a set designer. Especially when you have so little to work with. Barebones theater sets come to mind--like local theater. But anyway, boxes! I'm not that well organized, unfortunately, so that high director's chair that was in Behind the Dolls #1 went heck I don't know wheres in so short amount of time. I mean, where could it have gone, and I *need* it to do one of the gags in #--what is it? Whatever the latest ep is supposed to be. So annoying. So that's another reason I've decided not to shoot like mad tonight and cobble something together. I'm going to be forever finding that chair.
If you draw this stuff you just have to look for reference or draw it out of your head. When you shoot stuff, how nutty is it that I can't find a little Barbie chair--essential, I tell you, for the setting of just a simple gag. Bazz Fazz. ;)
I'll see you next week, and sorry again for the skip!

posted by ewatasin @ July 14th, 2011, 12:11 am  -  0 comments

Skip Week & Hotness

Well not that kind of hawt. ;) I'll have to do a skip week for TCT; I was doing well on the shoots and then it got hot here in SoCal. Like really hot. And when you do photo comics you need lights, and I tend to use about 6 lamps of various sizes because I don't have 500 watt work lights. Which is good because I'd probably burn myself or my place down with one of those. Needless to say working under lights can get really intense when the place is already 90F. Dolls, and some of the stuff I use for their sets, are plastic. I've had, um, accidents whilst too preoccupied getting the shot. One big clue is the smell of something burning. That happened to a favorite cushion I was using to prop a hot lamp up. Another was the meltdown of a plastic door doubling as a table for the SPOOOKBUSTER! shoot. I swear I just needed one more photo before the door started to curl and warp. The smell of plastic burning has now become my big 'Danger Danger!' signal when working on doll shoots. :P
So yeah, I don't take the dolls out in this sun either in case something happens. After I acclimate to the heat I'll try to shoot early in the morning or at night. I'll lose some of that wonderful bounce of natural light that helps my meager lamp lighting, but maybe that'll result in some interesting things. As long as I don't melt anything. ;) Take care and see you next week!

posted by ewatasin @ July 7th, 2011, 1:35 am  -  0 comments

The Return of TCT!

So it's 10 yrs later and I'm pretty excited! Well, it's fun to have an excuse to play with dolls again. ;) And to finish an old skool, no-budget B-movie at last. Hero's leg is still snapped--here's Hoping I can fix it good as new but we'll see. Fight scenes will be difficult if the fix isn't 100%. A few BEHIND THE DOLLS eps until then! Enjoy!

posted by ewatasin @ June 16th, 2011, 9:11 am  -  0 comments

Space Chicks: An Intermission

That last Young Asian Hero! ep was--well, the last of the eps from 2002. I found a one-off I did, probably hastily shot because it's so badly written, called 'Space Chicks'. It was mainly made to show off my Henshin Cyborg, who I no longer have. :( So it's just a crazy ep and unfortunately, I no longer have those kitbashed space vampire dolls either.

So after this ep, TCT resumes with new 2011 material, beginning with 'Behind the Dolls', a kind of documentary (or reality show) of the return of YAH! from the dolls' point of view. Shot in HYPER REALITY HIGH DEF, it's going to be fun. ;) Stay tuned!

posted by ewatasin @ June 9th, 2011, 4:51 am  -  0 comments

Hero snapped a leg!

You read right; Hero of Young Asian Hero! had a leg snap about 2 weeks ago, and I'm still figuring out how to do the fix. At least I hope I can. Until then TCT will run smoothly into new 2011 'Behind the Scenes' eps shot at HIGH DEF. Just kidding. At least with more megapixels than the ones I had in 2002. I mean, I could have Hero continue the story with one leg, but to tangent into something gruesome where she lost her leg, like that Kung Fu hero with no arms? Ugh, not going there. ;) See you then!

posted by ewatasin @ June 5th, 2011, 3:10 am  -  0 comments

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